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The above Stroker engine is designed and configured for distributor applications only and requires installation by our staff.  Contact us for information on this engine. 


Limited Warranty 18 months/unlimited miles. (Full warranty details)

Honestly, the love hate relationship starts then eventually peaks at what we call the "Rover Over" stage due to engine failure.  It is the single largest ticket item on the truck which has until now led customers who still have the love to stroke a large check to get back behind the wheel but wonder is it truly fixed.

Rover Cannibal's own love hate relationship has shared some of the same hazing except we always wondered "if it's truly fixed, how long will it last?"  Good question, which is what forced us to take a long look at what we were facing with regards to engineering the flaws out of this chunk of aluminum versus starting completely over.  Well, it has been more like an exorcism which come to find out, there was not just one demon in there but several that had to be dealt a fiery rod. 

Eleven years has given us much to ponder relative to the little V8 and the 4500 lb beast for which it resides and with that, three standard objectives had to come alive in this revamp if it was to be received well by the Rover customer.  First, construction and componetary had to be much more durable with a bit of forgiveness built in.  Secondly, a measureable improvement in performance had to be felt in the seat of the pants.  And thirdly, it had to be plug and play. 

Born from us was the CANNiBALV8There's actually much that has gone into this build and we are happy to say that all of the improvements are American designed, manufactured and assembled here in Oklahoma.   

A Look at Some of the Improvements

BLOCK:  The factory liners are replaced with our specifically designed top hat or flanged liner which provides for better control of heat displacement between cylinder walls and water jackets. And unlike the factory liners, our liners once fitted, cannot move or shift.  Lastly, porosity issues found in nearly all Land Rover casted blocks are addressed with a proprietary process prior to build. 

CYLINDER HEADS:  We loose the torque to yield bolts and replace them with a reusable performance stud kit.  We are able to acheive a precise fitment and torque which will reduce chances of head gasket leaks. 

CAMSHAFT:  Every long block utilizes our level 2 performanc cam kit which provides an improvement in HP and torque by some 15% (22-32HP depending on liter)  Excellent low and mid range power for spirited driving and a noticeable improvement in mileage when properly tuned.  Our Cam kits can be added to any short block order as well.

Engines can be configured and priced as bare blocks, short or long blocks.  Fitment to any Classic thru P38 Range Rover, all Series I & II Discovery, and Defender. 

Note to 03-04 DII owners: 

If you are experiencing a knocking or tapping noise and have adequate oil pressure, more than likely one of the liners is shifting up and down with the piston.  Replacing the lifters, rocker shafts, etc will not remedy this problem.  We do not sell used blocks coming from 03-04 DII's for this reason.  The CANNiBALV8 is our answer to this along with the other problems found in these engines. 

Customer Support: 

We support every sell as if you were installing with us.  We work directly with your shop to insure installation, break-in and trouble shooting items are met with competence and thoroughness. 

Installation Services:

We offer complete diagnosis and installation services for the engine we build and sell.  A typical installation includes removal and replacement labor at $1,200, misc fluids/gaskets/filter/plugs/wires/thermostat is $350, and inspection of cooling system and lubrication components.  Your total repair bill will vary based on other items identified that might need to be replaced or repaired.  Examples of one way transport costs - Atlanta $500, NYC $750, Chicago $500, Dallas Metro included, LA $650. 

USED 4.0 Long Blocks BOSCH or GEMS
Range Rover Discovery Series I or II - Defender
(Full warranty details)

USED 4.6 Long Blocks BOSCH OR GEMS
Range Rover (Full warranty details)

USED 3.9 Long Blocks
89-94 Range Rover Classic
94-95 Series I Discovery 95 Range Rover Classic 94-95 Defender
Limited Warranty 6 months/8,000 miles. (Full warranty details)

USED 4.2 Long Blocks
93-94 Range Rover Classic LWB
95 Range Rover Classic LWB
(Full warranty details)

USED 3.5 Long Blocks
87-88 Range Rover Classic
Limited Warranty 6 months/8,000 miles. (Full warranty details)

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